Priority Solar

Priority Solar is an Australian based solar company and was founded by Ben Cooper. Our emphasis is to provide customers with the most advanced solar systems and solar products, whether it is in retail, commercial or residential market. Priority Solar provides solar systems throughout Australia, including rural areas.

CECThe experienced team at Priority Solar can provide you with choosing, fitting and maintaining a solar system that will save you energy and money and give you the right advice regarding suitable solar power systems from as little as 2kw, right through to 250kw, depending on your needs. Priority Solar is accredited with the Clean Energy Council and are able to assist with solar rebates wherever applicable.

At Priority Solar we believe in listening and understanding the customers needs, which results in providing the customer with the best energy saving solution.

More and more Australian’s are choosing to make the switch to solar to save on the constant rise of electricity prices. Solar panels cost absolutely nothing to run as it uses energy from the sun. This results in considerably high savings on your electricity bills. Also, it will never run out because solar energy is a renewable resource!

If you are a manufacturing organisation, we can also assist you to assess eligibility for government assistance programs such as Clean Technology Investment Program (CITP). This is your opportunity to take advantage of your unused, non-revenue generating real estate, such as a large rooftop areas, open land area or parking facilities by building an energy creating commercial solar energy system. With several financing options available for installing the solar system, a tailored solution can ensure that you will not be paying more than your existing electricity bill.

  • Grid connect systems
  • Stand- alone systems
  • Commercial systems
  • Solar powered security cameras
  • Solar hot water systems
  • Solar heat pump systems
  • Solar gates


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